Saturday, July 8, 2017

Levi, 15 months

I've been kind of awful about keeping up with this kid's milestones. So here's a snapshot of Levi right now.

Sleep: 8-7:30/8, mostly transitioned to one 2-3 hours nap in the afternoon, though sometimes he still sneaks in a morning one.

Eats: Everything! Mostly loves fruit, pasta and meat. Not a fan of goldfish or apple chips. Learned how to use a straw a few weeks ago. Drinks a combo of water, milk and frozen breast milk.

Words: Mama, more more (these sound deceptively similar), shhh, woof, kit-cat, da da, uh-oh, night night, this, yes, baa and grr (do animal noises count?). He'll also repeat stuff , as well as sign "please" and "All done." And he shakes his head no. Of course.

Likes: Loves to read, sit in laps, figure out how everything works, rip off a piece of toilet paper to put in the toilet, draw, climb on things, go down slides, and open and close doors. Oh man, does this kid love a good door! And a paci. He's all about the paci, sometimes putting 2-3 in his mouth at the same time. He's back to liking baths now too, thankfully! Oh, and dancing. His favorite is the "turn around in circles" move.

Dislikes: Cold water, being too hot, anyone eating when he's not, hearing me tell him "no." Welcome, toddlerhood. Overall, he's a really content little guy though, and is happy 95% of the time.

Skills/Play: Finally good going up and down stairs, though I still keep an eye on the down. Draws a lot with crayons and sidewalk chalk. I guess that's normal, but I never thought to let Samuel do any drawing at that age, so it feels really young to me! He's really good at walking, but keeps trying to run and having to catch himself. He's getting there, though! He can stack some blocks - notice how he's a total second child and I can't tell you exactly how many or anything, but it's 3+, so I'm pretty sure he's fine. Haha. He loves making cars and tracks go "vroom," flying his helicopter around, playing with his Little People, and attempting to do his puzzles (which usually results in just banging the puzzle pieces on the wood floor because it's more fun). He's starting to (maybe?) get attached to this little lamb stuffed animal we have, but right now he's way more into his paci than anything else.

Teeth: This kid cut 6 top teeth last month! He went from 2 bottom teeth (that popped out at 11 months) to 8! Two of which were molars. Its' crazy that I had no clue. He was a little more fussy and snotty than usual, but nothing crazy. I was in total shock when I peeked in there and some molars were peeking out! Maybe that explains his excessive diaper usage lately??? (Seriously, kiddo #2s 3-5 times a day lately!)
Oh, we also started brushing his teeth (sometimes... when we remember...). He likes that a lot too!

I'll have to add weight and height stats next week after his 15 months check up. Vacation schedules have every one messed up.

Suffice it to say that we LOVE our not-so-little Levi, and are so proud of our sweet 15 month old!!

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