Sunday, January 29, 2017

Samuel 4 Year Old Interview

How old are you? 4! 48 months!

What's your favorite food? Dinosaur candy
Drink? Milk
Color? Green
Sport? None. Well, basketball and running.
Ice cream? All of the flavors mixed together!
Cereal? Plain cheerios with granola
Bible story? Baby Jesus.
Memory of being 3? Well, not throwing up!!!
Animal - giraffe
Restaurant - Bonefish Grill
Game - Chutes and Ladders
Song - the banana song (dey-oh)
Book - The Body Book
TV Show - Cat in the Hat Christmas movie!
Toy - Wile and all my babies (teddy bears and monkeys)
Holiday - Christmas
Bible verse - Jesus let the little children come to me.
Outfit - my green shirt

What are you really good at? Jumping really high on my bed, counting to 100

What do you like to do with your family - have special Samuel time and play dinner games

Where do you want to go for vacation? Virginia Beach

If you had $1000, what would you do with it? Get a carrot, and the biggest toy that's bigger than you.

Who is your best friend? John Tyler and Branch!

What do you want to be when you grow up? A grown up.... doctor.

What is your favorite place we go? Sci Works

What do you like to do outside? Play in the dirt

If you could have one wish, what would it be? That my hands could stretch to the ceiling so I could grab that balloon that's on the ceiling.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


This makes a whopping 6 posts for 2016 (though, to be fair, I *did* have the baby blog going too). I think my resolution for next year will be to post more.

Samuel randomly wanted to go to the pet store one day. We walked around for 30 minutes looking at fish and birds and dog toys. It hasn't been a request since, but it was kind of fun!

This kid hasn't worn footie pajamas in well over a year, but decided to try them out. Turns out, he's a fan,

Baby side by sides - 14 month old Samuel vs. 8 month old Levi.

Bed head fo realz.

"Mary and Joseph need to take a nap because they just got back from the beach and they're tired."

Lunch Bunch at Mi Pueblo one day, minus a few that didn't fit in this pic.

These things are soooo delicious!

Making sugar cookies.

We are not so great with the cutouts.

I ran the Mistletoe half marathon! It was not my fastest race, but not my slowest either. And, as a bonus, we got upgraded to VIP status and got to go to a special area with good food (not just bananas) and nice seats. :-)

Samuel and I went to see our church's Christmas play. He lasted through most of it.

Wake Forest Love Feast with Tara.

Eric finally had his first vacation of fellowship! We went to wilderness of the Smokies in Sevierville, TN. Unfortunately, there were some awful wild fires a few miles south of the resort a week before we went. It was a really sad situation, but worked out well for us - we got upgraded to a HUGE suite for free! The resort was already basically empty and cheap because it was December at a waterpark. It was a really fun little family getaway!

There was one exception - THIS one didn't want to sleep somewhere new. It's a good thing he's cute.

Breakfast cereal in a cup.

Levi's all about playing with his brother these days. 

The arcade area.


Arcade/Ropes course. There was also a rock wall and putt putt golf.

Samuel loved the wave pool most of all.

I was a total chicken on the ropes course. I went across a few and then came down. Being up that high totally freaked me out more than I expected, and I was wearing ballet flats, which were totally inappropriate. Eric was amazing, though, and went up to the second level.  I think he got a little nervous about some of the more difficult ropes still, but he did all of it, and I was super impressed. You feel totally unsteady up there! 

Even Levi found somewhere to play. There was also a baby splash area he really enjoyed. ;-)

Samuel started basketball at the Y. His poor little cheeks were all red and dry for most of the month of December.

Samuel and his BFF, John Tyler.

We finally got Levi's stocking!

Santa came to Sci Works. Samuel told him he wanted, "all the machines."

PJs from Gran Gran.

He looooves his mama.

RSA cookie exchange.

Decorating the tree.

No clue what they're collaborating about!

This picture in no way does it justice, but Samuel made an ornament at school that we have since dubbed the "glitter bomb." While I was nursing Levi, he figured out that if you shake it upside down ,a little glitter will fly out. Then he figured out that if you take the top off, ALL the glitter will come out. There is still glitter on my floor 3 weeks later. He DID have fun though.

He got a "little purple monster" for having a good day at school.

Oh you wanted to pee? Nice try, mom.

Levi is all about playing at the children's museum now.

Riding in the horse cart. 

Don't think you're going anywhere, momma. I will sit on your feet.

Mexican restaurant for December.

Samuel's first candlelight service. (Fire was kept far from his rowdy little hands).

First time riding together at Target. It was a not a great success. 

Silly baby.

Samuel's school Christmas program. You can't see him as he's on the other side and sitting down. But he DID stay in the same spot for the entire program thanks to a marshmallow bribe from his teacher. Smart woman.

Post-program cookies. After the snack, about 15 kids ran around the fellowship hall for 30 minutes straight (Samuel included). It was hilarious.

How else would you watch cartoons?

I could just smooch him all the time.

Playing with gingerbread playdoh at our friend Mikaela's house.

Levi and his baby friend, Karis, who is a week and a half older than him by the way. He really is that huge.

My boys at 9 months.

Gran gran and Granddaddy made it!

They brought us Krispy Kreme on Christmas Eve.

Finally presents!

I was awful about taking pictures on Christmas morning. Here's the few I snapped.

Jesus' birthday cake.

You can't see, but his bib says "Levi's first Christmas," courtesy of Eric's aunt Ann.

Turns out that Samuel LOVES ham. He ate 6 pieces, then licked the plate.
He also ate on my china and didn't break anything. So win win.

As good as it got at Christmas Eve service.

This year's Christmas card.

Cute outfit from Grammy. Levi had to come help me fix my hair.

Levi started pulling up on Christmas day.

Eric had to work 36 hours the days after Christmas, so I went through a few boxes in our closet and found this sweater that I wore all through high school. I felt pretty proud that it still fit and was even a little big. I also have a pair of jeans I got in 10th grade that I managed to squeeze into too (though not comfortably... I HAVE had two children though!)

We went to the Greensboro Children's Museum. It was super fun and we will definitely be returning!

Samuel got a spirograph for Christmas. He's had a lot of fun with it!

And here is a nice little assortment I call "the faces of Samuel." And no, he basically never wears clothes (except for pjs at night now).

And my sweet lil' Levi...

Our newest hobby below...

Our "Happy New Year" picture!

2016 has been a challenging but oh so wonderful year! It will forever be dear to my heart.