Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The crazy month of March - part 1

This may end up being a two parter.

March was NUTS for us. April too, though not to the same extent, but we will get to that.

So recap from the end of February: I had the horrible horrible flu right as Eric was finishing up a two week block of non-stop work. It knocked me on my boo-tay. Then I got a nasty fever blister to top it off. Levi had a touch of it also. I was determined not to give him the cold sore virus, so I wore a bandaid over my lip for a week and couldn't kiss him at all even when he was all sad and flu-ish. It was a bummer.

But fast forward a few days, and I still had the blister, but Eric was home on elective (yay!) and we were on the mend.

So he started calling around about jobs, and got offered an interview! At the beach! We were pretty excited. It was kind of a whirlwind, but basically in the matter of a few days we threw together this interview trip, loaded up the car and rolled out to St. Simon's Island, Georgia.
Samuel's first iHop experience.

View from our condo!

Samuel practicing his photography skills. 

They even got us a babysitter so Eric and I could go meet the practice owner for dinner.

I took the boys to the beach and a playground on Jekyll Island while Eric spent some time touring the town and practice the next day. 

Attempting a picture with all three of us. 

"I'm a chimpanzee, mommy!"

Morning views from our room.

Levi loved the beach!

Burying treasure. :-) 

Our trip was so much fun! Eric still needs to check out several more places, but it's definitely a possibility for a place for us to settle. My kids would be thrilled to live at the beach!

We came back with a couple of days left of Eric's vacation, so we went out to eat some and went to the Greensboro Children's Museum. 
We also had to have our blood taken for new life insurance, which resulted in a blown vein for me and a lot of extra poking and prodding. I also got to run some errands kid-free since Eric was home! Woo hoo!

Levi loved the museum. I didn't have any luck getting a good picture of Samuel.

Samuel being silly at Bib's.

Monday morning came too soon. Eric was back to work, and Samuel had his crazy hair/sweater and shorts look going. 

Levi was exhausted from our vacation too.

We *did* have a about 4 "normal" days. 

The next Saturday morning I ran the St. Leo 10K and won first in my age division (it was a small race.)! I wasn't quite as fast as the last time I ran it in 2012 (50 seconds slower to be exact), but I thought it was a nice way to end my 20s and to celebrate being a year post-baby!

My friend Mikaela also ran the super hilly course with the Bob - super woman!

Anyway, that's a good place to close out post 1. Before things get really wild. :-) 

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