Wednesday, March 29, 2017

February (or most of it, anyway).

February was warm, and filled with sickness. That's about all I remember.
These are the pictures I already uploaded... hopefully I can get the rest off my phone at a later date! 

Poor little sickie baby. He got some kind of cold in his eyes and they just oozed for days, and would get stuck shut. It was soo sad!!

Samuel finally got to have his preschool birthday party a week late! Excuse the fact that he is pounding that juice instead of smiling at the camera. 

Levi enjoyed hanging out too. No doughnuts for him though!

Last basketball practice. I didn't have any luck getting a picture of Samuel, but this little cutie was happy to pose!

Samuel got really into wearing footie pajamas and I LOVED IT.

We went back to the Greensboro Children's Museum!

Samuel and Walker enjoyed "eating" at "Nana's house."

Levi made a friend too.

They seriously played with this thing for 30+ minutes!

And Chick-Fil-A after the museum, which even Levi enjoyed!

This kid loves his "body book" he got for his birthday!

Post-shots doughnuts.

Levi's favorite way to hang out.

Cutie patootie.

I don't know if it was the various sicknesses that came our way or just playing hard/a growth spurt/the 4 immunizations he got, but we had several days where both kids passed out in the car. Score!

I love that they can play together now!

One warm Saturday we went for a walk/picnic at Salem Lake. 

Side by side. My faves!

Monster Samuel.

Warm enough for a smoothie!

Samuel's "Love monster" Valentine box.

Baby's first Valentine! 

This makes me feel like a successful parent.

And this is how all of our pictures go now.

Playing at the toy store. 

Levi found this giant stuffed dog and kept laying next to it. It was the cutest.thing.ever.

I'm sure more happened in February, but, most notably, I got the stinkin' flu. I'm pretty sure Levi brought it home from church, because he had a runny nose for a bit (starting on a Sunday night), then I got it a couple of days later. However, he, Samuel and Eric all had the flu shot and I did not. Lesson learned. Poor Levi still had a rough go of it because of his little baby immune system, but thankfully never got the high fever and such. I also followed up the flu with a lovely fever blister and still have a scar from that. 
I spent the last few days of February kind of in a daze. Thankfully it all happened as Eric was moving to an elective block (well, really like the 2 days before. But by the time we realized it was the flu, he was off). And I got over it fairly quickly. 

I don't think a ton else happened. 

There was a marriage event that I had to go to by myself because fellowship just stinks like that sometimes. It was a bummer, and I thought about leaving it out of this post, but it was a part of my month. I feel like I handle the single-ness pretty well most of the time, but it's always a little lonely when you are at an event you *should* be at with your husband, but you're not, and people look at you with that pitiful stare. I just want to wear a sign that says "Yes, I'm married. Yes, he's a good guy. But he's busy SAVING LIVES, so he can't be here right now." 
It is what it is, though, and I'm sure that won't be the last time it happens. 

We played outside a LOT. Levi took his first real tumble down the stairs. He also turned 11 months old. And somewhere around the end of February/beginning of March took his first steps, but has basically refused to do any walking since. He's just not interested. 

Anyway, I think that's all I've got.
March, on the other hand, has been far more interesting, so stay tuned. :-)

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